BAC Local 23 of the Ohio Valley



On April 1st, the International Union brought the Ohio/Kentucky ADC, the West Virginia ADC, and the 25 local unions under those ADCs together into one new local union: BAC Local 23 of the Ohio Valley.

Local 23 is a union built for the 21st Century construction industry. Contractors, developers, and craftworkers cross our county and state lines every day, and Local 23 is structured to make sure that BAC has the unity and strength to organize and grow in membership and bargaining power throughout our shared Ohio Valley states.

We encourage all members to watch the following video to learn more about BAC Local 23 of the Ohio River Valley.

BAC Local 23 Q&A Video


As a Local 23 member, we want you to know that your collective bargaining agreements, wages, working conditions, field representatives – and most importantly, your health and pension benefits – will all remain the same.

But what will change is the ability of your union to use all our resources to build power for Local 23 members – to win more jobs, and bargain for better wages and benefits.

This letter from your new Local 23 Management Committee – composed of 7 members from each corner of the local – explains what’s happening in a little more detail. All Local 23 members will get a copy of the letter, along with a map of Local 23, a contact list, and an invitation to your next union chapter meeting, in the next few days. In the meantime, please reach out to your field representatives with any questions.

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